ANCHOR POINT is a full-service production company headquartered on Seattle’s bustling Fremont Canal. Since launching in 2015, our presence in the industry has grown along with our talented roster of animation studios and directors.

We couple artistic integrity with authentic client satisfaction by providing hands-on guidance through each step of production. Ultimately, our passion for our craft and the strong relationships we build set us apart. We pride ourselves on our ability to effectively connect creative-minded teams to achieve artistic and commercial excellence.

Each studio on our roster of directors shares two things in common: unparalleled creative work and genuinely good people behind the scenes. We thrive on creativity and collaboration.

Our work has garnered awards from AICP, Cannes, and Motionographer, along with features in Communication Arts and on CBS This Morning. Above all, we are proud of the positive feedback we consistently receive from long- standing partners and new clients alike.

Anchor Point